FundPhotos® Privacy Policy

Rev. Sept. 25, 2015

I. Overview

a. This Privacy Policy provides information on the protection of personal information provided to FundPhotos by users of the FundPhotos site (“FundPhotos users”) and by Contact Persons of Participating Charitable Organizations (PCO) on the FundPhotos site.

b. FundPhotos reserves the right to update this policy at any time for any reason.  You may be made aware of any significant changes to this policy through a notice to the email address you specified to FundPhotos or by placing a prominent notice on the FundPhotos site.

II. FundPhotos Users

a. FundPhotos users are defined as individuals that freely come to the FundPhots site and utilize any FundPhotos/Shutterfly portals for the purpose of exploring and/or making a purchase of Shutterfly products or utilizing a Shutterfly service knowing that a portion of the purchase price will be rewarded to the participating charitable organization that they choose.

b.  The privacy of all Shutterfly account holders that access Shutterfly through any FundPhotos/Shutterfly portal are covered under the privacy policy of Shutterfly, Inc. found here:

c. In accordance with this Privacy Policy, personal information will never be used or transferred to another party without the expressed permission of the registered FundPhotos User or the Participating Charitable Organization Coordinator.

d. Information pertaining to a FundPhotos User’s selection of Participating Charitable Organization to make a contribution to using their purchases is not shared with the Participating Charitable Organization.

e. FundPhotos reserves the right to send you certain communications relating to FundPhotos site services, such as service announcements, promotions, and administrative messages that are considered part of your association with FundPhotos. 

f. All purchase transactions are made through Shutterfly.  Credit card information is requested by nor stored by FundPhotos

III. Participating Charitable Organizations

a.  Administrators or executives of a charitable organization interested in having their organization listed on FundPhotos as a PCO will need to complete the online Reward Share Program Application.  At which time, the following personal information will be requested:  Contact Person's name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and association with a participating charitable organization. The Contact Person’s personal information will never be used or transferred to another party without the expressed permission of the registered FundPhotos User or the PCO's Contact Person.

b.  Information about the charitable organization is required to be provided on the Reward Share Program Application including: name of organization, web site URL, phone number, mailing address, the organization’s tax-exempt ID number (if available), the state of registration, and a brief description of the organization. 

c. The FundPhotos site will contain the names of organizations that are registered as PCOs with FundPhotos.  Visitors/users of FundPhotos will have access to these names through the FundPhotos web site and may have available a description of the organization, a logo (if provided) and a link to the organization’s web site (if provided).  

d. Inclusion of the name of any organization on the FundPhotos web site does not imply any endorsement of such organization by FundPhotos.

e.  FundPhotos is not responsible for any violation of any organization’s policy as it pertains to photography.

V.  Copies and/or distribution of images from the FundPhotos site or Shutterfly site made possible through commercially available screenshot or image-capture software is not the responsibility of FundPhotos and is not covered under this Privacy Policy.