​FundPhotos is an official affiliate of merchants like Target, Shutterfly, and Snapfish.  Our Reward Share Program is designed to reward participating charitable organizations such as community groups, school supporting organizations, youth sports teams, non-profits, and faith communities with up to 5% from every online purchase made through the FundPhotos web site.  The following information will help you to understand the FundPhotos Reward Share Program to see if it's right for your organization.

FundPhotos Reward Share Program

How do I get started?

If you are an administrator, board member or managing member of a charitable organization, the first step to getting your organization listed on the FundPhotos site is to complete our online Reward Share Program application form.  The form takes about five minutes to complete and gives our team enough information to do an initial evaluation of your organization.  In most cases, your organization will be notified within five days of submitting the online application form, if your organization has  been conditionally approved.  At that time, you will receive an invitation for your organization to join FundPhotos as well as our Reward Share Agreement, which must be signed by two administrators or board members from your organization.

How does FundPhotos decide on whether my organization gets listed on FundPhotos?

Using the information you provide in the online application form, the FundPhotos team performs an evaluation of your organization.  This evaluation includes, but is not limited to, evaluating the status of your organization including validating that your organization is in good standing in the state which your organization is registered, evaluating your mission, your web site (if available), etc.  We may even arrange for an interview with the organization's president or board chair.  FundPhotos reserves the right to deny any organization's listing on the FundPhotos site due to excessively stringent state requirements governing cause-marketing relationships such as organizations registered in the following states: Alabama, Illinois, and Massachusetts. For more information on state-specific regulatory requirements for cause marketing relationships, contact us at

Is there a fee for my organization to be listed on the FundPhotos site?

No, FundPhotos does not charge a fee to organizations to be listed on the FundPhotos site. However, some states require that organizations engaging in a cause marketing fund-raising program submit a copy of the Reward Share Agreement to the state attorney general's office (CT, HI, MS, SC, NH, NJ)  and may have filing fees (NJ) for doing so.  For more information contact

How much money can my organization expect to raise on FundPhotos?

The amount of contributions each organization can expect to raise is directly related the organizations' success in encouraging their supporters to  use the FundPhotos site to make online purchases.  One example uses data based on one of our merchants, Shutterfly.  According to  2014 year-end reports from Shutterfly, the average order value was $40.00.  The following chart provides an estimate based upon the average Shutterfly order value for 2014 and a 5% reward.

Number of Supporters' OrdersAmount of Reward

How will my organization's supporters know that our organization is listed on FundPhotos?

It is critical that your supporters are made aware that your organization is listed on FundPhotos so that they can take advantage of the opportunity to generate contributions for your organization with their purchases. Your organization will be provided with an image and link to FundPhotos to place on your organization's web site.  FundPhotoswill also assist you with content for newsletters and other media.  As with other fundraising campaigns, in order for your organization to realize the full potential of FundPhotos, you must spread the word to your supporters in your newsletters, email blasts, and social media posts.  

Do our supporters have to go through the FundPhotos site in order for participating charitable organizations to receive the reward from purchases from FundPhotos merchants?

YES!  This is very important.  The only way that your supporters can make a contribution to any organization is if they enter the merchants' web site through the FundPhotos site or through a portal that FundPhotos provides to your organization such as a link on your organization's web site or social media site.

How often will my organization receive our reward from FundPhotos?

FundPhotos will send your organization a check monthly for the amount equal to 1-5% of all purchases made (the previous month) through FundPhotos.